Our Solution

Palms is an awareness campaign that helps spread knowledge about what you’re wearing, where it’s coming from, and what is takes to make your leather goods. To make informed decisions the next time you’re considering buying leather.

Bus Stop & Street Ads

Adding informative graphics at bus stops allows future consumers learn about the harmful effects that the leather industry causes to animals and people around them. Having something to read at a bus stop helps pass the time while they wait for the bus.


Alternate Leather Options


Piñatex™ is a sustainable non-woven fabric consisting of pineapple leaf fibers. These strands are the result of pineapple harvest season which means no additional land, water,  or pesticides are required to deliver the material. It looks like a finished calfskin leather and is delicate however great quality, breathable and light.

Kombucha leather is produced using cellulose fibers spun by bacteria and yeast. The material can be treated just like conventional materials and dried into a sheet structure, or shaped around a structure during the drying procedure.

Frumat is apple skin is a leather alternative from the ongoing apple food waste issue. . The outcome is a cellulose-based material highlighting an assortment of textures, thicknesses, embellishing and laser prints, making it easy for other industries to adopt.