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Try a Vibrant Handbag With Your Style

Try a Vibrant Handbag With Your Style Try a Vibrant Handbag With Your StyleMaybe your fashion style is daring and you love to be the first one wearing something bold and different. And maybe you are the polar opposite of this and prefer you neutral and safe colors because you know you can never go wrong. But by always dressing on the “safe side” you could be missing out on something really fun. An easy first step for stepping out of your comfort zone is using a bright bag to make a statement.

Try a neon colored bag to start out with. This can be worn with basic colors like white and navy stripes in your outfit. If you are comfortable enough, try throwing in another neon piece of clothing like a neon shirt peeking out from underneath a neutral colored cardigan.

Alternatively, depending on your brightly colored handbag, you could match the color tones. For example if your bag is red or orange, you could make sure your clothes are also warm colors (like camel, mustard, etc.). This is another great way to try out something more daring than what you are used to but also staying within your comfort zone.